What Is A Boutique Hotel And How Does It Differ From Other Amenities?

Hotels in Perth can be difficult to book during peak season, especially during holidays and when booked last minute. Whether you want to create, refurbish, buy, or book a hotel in the near future, it is necessary to understand what distinguishes boutique hotels from other types of accommodations.

Boutique hotels are more of a phenomenon than an actual kind of hotel. Beginning in the 1980s with a small number of boutique hotels located in the centre of major cities such as London and New York, the industry has grown significantly. Those pioneering hoteliers who developed this lucrative trend would design their small, independently owned hotels with sophisticated furniture. They would also refuse to join any hotel chains and make every effort to deliver personalised service to their “chic” clients. These daring merchants were unaware that within thirty years, they would have inspired hundreds more competitors to follow in their footsteps and do business the way they did.

If you’re looking for hotels in Perth for your next trip or getaway, you might consider booking a boutique hotel for a much more intimate, trendy, and stylish room that’s different from a usual hotel. The usual hotel offers spa-like decor, unlike a boutique hotel, where rooms are significantly smaller but exceptionally decorated. Below are the characteristics and differences between boutique hotels from other facilities.

Stylish Intimate Facility

A Boutique Hotel is often a more intimate facility than its chain counterparts. As a result of the need to give individualised treatment to each customer, the hotel ought to have no more than one hundred rooms at most.

A boutique hotelsl is either entirely unaffiliated with any bigger chain or is a member of a very modest and elite network. It is often the principal retail area of the city and might be found in the centre of the city or in a trendy neighbourhood. In addition to having state-of-the-art home equipment, it also has fashionable furniture that has been developed by well-known interior designers.

One way it blends with its surroundings and generates a sense of place is by offering traditional food to the area. People gather in the lobby, restaurant, and bar of a boutique hotel because these areas exude an air of coolness and activity. You shouldn’t be surprised if the restaurant’s chef is a well-known local or even international figure.

Smaller Than Hotels

Boutique hotels are often more intimate than those with more than one hundred guest rooms. In most cases, boutique hotels provide a more limited selection of leisure activities as well as a smaller number of event spaces. A small hotel will not likely provide luxurious amenities such as a large ballroom or a water park.

Certain Theme And Style

There is a wide range of themes that can be found in boutique hotels; some concentrate on history, others on cuisine, and still others on more specialised subjects such as a certain colour, book, or celebrity. Some boutique hotels even have their own signature dishes. The whole concept of the hotel is conveyed by its appearance, name, staff uniforms, amenities, and other aspects as well.

In terms of design, the ambience of a hotel should be reflective of its theme, and the only way to do this is by using appropriate furniture and fittings. One of the most distinguishing features of a boutique hotel is its one-of-a-kind design, which may be an excellent source of innovative ideas for those who have an interest in photography or interior designing. Even down to the artwork and mementoes that are exhibited in some guest rooms, the owner of the hotel puts a lot of effort into the design of every aspect of the property. Everything about a boutique hotel, from the design of its website to the assortment of complementary amenities, is painstakingly constructed to represent the hotel’s core beliefs and ideals.

Client Service

Due to the boutique hotel’s often smaller size, the staff is able to provide each guest with the individual attention they need.

It is important to note that a boutique hotel does not have to be a five-star facility to be considered one. The term “boutique hotel” does not refer to a hotel that intentionally raises its rates or adds luxury amenities. In fact, a good number of boutique hotels provide reasonable rates and place a greater emphasis on personalised service than on flashy decor or opulent facilities.


Hotels in Perth offer a different type of lodging, with minimalist design and decor. Boutique hotels, on the other hand, are not subject to the same degree of standardisation since each one is owned and operated by a different person. Although no two rooms at a hotel are identical to one another, it is easy to identify recurring themes among the lodgings offered by boutique hotels. Consider a boutique hotel for your next stay in Perth for a more intimate room with a style you have never seen.

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