The Best Way to Get to and From the Airport for an Early Flight

Getting to the airport first thing in the morning can be annoying. But there are advantages to taking early flights, such as cheaper prices. If you’ve booked a flight first thing, here are some options to get to the airport on time.

Take public transport

Most airports in the UK have a few options for public transport such as:

  • The tube for London airports
  • Buses or coaches
  • Trains
  • Trams for city airports

The main issue is, if you need to get to the airport early, these transport options sometimes aren’t available. Make sure you check the timetable, and leave plenty of time, as public transport can often be delayed.

An airport taxi is the easy option

Another option to consider is booking a taxi. In some cases, this can work out cheaper per person, and it means you get taken straight to the airport. Book an airport taxis in Ashford and you get the convenience of having your own transport, without the big airport parking fees. Also, it can be a much better option if you have an early flight, as public transport may not be available.

When you have an early flight, it’s essential to get to the airport with plenty of time, so that you can check in. However, this can be difficult if you’ve got to take public transport, so consider options such as airport taxis, which give you the advantage of being driven straight to the airport. You’re less likely to be delayed and can simply be on your way.

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