Some Of The Best Restaurants In Patong

When you are visiting Patong in Phuket, there are so many options of where to eat it can be hard t know where to start. No matter whether you are looking for hot and spicy Thai food, or you prefer international cuisine from around the world, there are some excellent places to eat in Patong that will get your tastebuds watering. Below are some of the best local restaurants you can try while you are there and ensure that your holiday in Phuket is a culinary delight.

The Butchers Garden

The Butchers Garden is one of the restaurants in Hotel Indigo, and one of the best Phuket Patong restaurants in the area. They have a simple approach when it comes to food which is to use the freshest and best ingredients possible, and a lot of the ingredients they use comes from the hotel gardens. You can select your ingredients and have the chef cook your meal which will make it unique and as special as you are.

Tandoori Flame

Indian food is a cuisine which is popular all over the world, and the Tandoori Flame not only offers delicious Indian cuisine, and it is also one of the most affordable restaurants in the area. It is a very informal and relaxed restaurant, and the service offered by the friendly staff members is second to none. If you have had a few drinks and want a spicy curry or kebab, then this is the place to go.

La Gritta

If you are a lover of fine Italian food, then a visit to La Gritta will not disappoint you when you visit this restaurant that is in a perfect setting. The atmosphere and décor are of the highest taste, and they can offer dining options both inside and out. Enjoy a beautiful meal as you dine outside and look at the stars and sea as you bask in the glory that Patong offers visitors. La Gritta is at the higher end of the price scale, but the value for money their cuisine provides makes it worth your while visiting.

Joe’s Downstairs

Another high-end establishment that is worth visiting when you are on holiday in Patong is Joe’s Downstairs. The relaxed atmosphere here goes well with their menu and is the perfect place to eat a few light snacks and have a few drinks. It offers a variety of international cuisines, and it is a popular destination with locals looking to go out for an evening who often start it here.

These are a few of the best restaurants that you will find in Patong when on holiday, but there is plenty more besides these few. For a comprehensive list of restaurants in Patong and plenty of customer reviews, you can click here.

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