Here’s Why You Will Never Regret Booking A Room in A Casino Hotel

One of the challenging aspects of travelling is choosing a hotel. It is time consuming. For many of us zeroing in on the destination takes less time than deciding on the place of stay. With the sheer number of options available in Washington State, we spend hours browsing through the list. Did you ever consider staying at one of the luxurious casino hotels?

Book a casino hotel when in Washington State

If you are looking for accommodation options in Washington State, book a room with Angel of the Winds Casino Resort. It is one of the best Washington State casinos with hotels. Check out their attractive packages on their website. Enjoy your hotel stay with unlimited casino activities at literally your doorstep.

History of casino hotels:

Las Vegas introduced the concept of casino hotels. After the Second World War, there was an economic boom in Nevada. With the legalization of casinos, the casino owners wanted to bring a twist to the casino culture. They wanted to lure more tourists to indulge in gambling by combining lodging and casino which marked the birth of casino hotels.

Benefits of booking a room in a casino hotel:

  • Luxury accommodation at reasonable price: You can find a number of casino hotels in Washington State offering 5-star service with plenty of amenities like laundry, gym, swimming pool etc. Casino hotels cost less than other regular hotels with similar amenities. There is no requirement to play casino games or a no limitation on minimum amount to spend.
  • Tightest security: Casino hotels have independent security so as to protect their gaming license and piles of cash. Their round-the-clock security keeps eye on everything going around and you wouldn’t have to worry about safety at all.

  • An attraction in itself: Casino hotels come with a whole range of attractions. They aren’t only about casino. Many of them feature kickass restaurants, night clubs, pool, hot tub, theatres, game room and bars. Your hotel doubles up as a place of entertainment.
  • You could even bag a free/ discounted room: High rollers or those who are planning to spend a lot in the casino are usually granted free or discounted rooms. The management is more interested in the profits incurred from the casino than the hotel.

Though most normal hotels offer entertainment like music or game night, casino hotels are way better when it comes to entertainment and value for money. Consider booking a room in a casino hotel for your upcoming vacation.

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