Factors To Consider When Planning Your Wedding On Koh Samui

An increasing number of couples are choosing to have a tropical wedding abroad, and Koh Samui in Thailand is a fantastic location to have your wedding ceremony. You can enjoy warm tropical weather, beautiful scenery, and an exotic location that will make for some excellent wedding photographs. You will need to select a Samui wedding hotel that meets your requirements and is within budget, and there are various factors to consider. You can find multiple factors below that you must consider when planning your wedding on Koh Samui to help you get started and ensure you both have a magical day when getting married.

The Time Of Year

You will need to consider what time of the year you wish to get married and ensure you know the different seasons in Thailand. Unlike many western countries, Thailand has three seasons, which are as follows:

Thai Summer: The summer runs from March To May when it is the hottest in Thailand, but there are fewer tourists.

Thai Rainy Season: The rainy season runs from June to October, and even though it rains frequently, it is still hot and usually rains for only a couple of hours.

Thai Cool Season: The cool season is the most popular time for tourists and runs from November to February.

Select the season you get married in carefully, which can help ensure you get fantastic weather for the day of your ceremony that will be perfect for your wedding.

The Location

You will also want to select a resort for your wedding with stunning views and a beautiful beach, and plenty of room available for your guests. Many hotels and resorts on the island can accommodate weddings, and they have various packages you can consider for your nuptials available. Ensure you research the various options, speak to each resort or hotel, and get as much information from them as possible, which can help you select the best one for your wedding celebrations.

The Guests

An important thing to remember when you are getting married abroad is not everyone will be able to attend your overseas wedding. There will be people you want there that may not be able to attend, and if this is the case, you need to ensure you do not take it personally. However, it is an excellent way to have a small and intimate wedding with the people you are closest with, and it will help to ensure it is a memorable occasion.

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