Create lifetime memories and friendships while training from a curriculum overseas

You love your job as a teacher as you see your students develop through the initial stages of young adulthood. It fills you with pride when you bump into former scholars now with their own families who thank you for your efforts.

But you just know that any future meetings with the students who have just assisted while supervising on a travel curriculum tour to Australia will lead to a chat about the amazing time everyone had. It was simply brilliant.

  • The trip lasted for 13 nights, which was the perfect length of time to be able to get around and see lots of places which opened the eyes of everyone aboard.
  • The professional company who coordinated the tour could not have offered any more. The locations were excellent, accommodation perfect for your needs which was the same as the facilities. In the lead up the school and students knew that if the tour had to be cancelled owing to a further outbreak of Covid-19 that their money was guaranteed to be refunded, which offered a peace of mind to allow you to concentrate fully on the agenda once you arrived down under.
  • Your students learned through a travel training curriculum which made maximum use of the opportunities on offer. It allowed for the passion of your party to shine through as they learned about the geography of Australia, along with its history and links to back home.
  • The provision of performing and visual arts ensured that nobody was left out and felt part of the trip, as did arranging sports making full use of a destination with a passion for enjoying an outdoor life as friendships were built.
  • The tour was a great way for your students to bond and feel part of something worthwhile. They learned to help each other and the value of teamwork, as you enticed them with rewards for their efforts when completed as a group. Friendships between the most unlikely of candidates were forged through the relaxed surroundings.
  • Your travel company, with decades of experience, has adapted and now ensure that all travel is sustainable and good for the environment, which was another lesson delivered while you were on the road having fun at the same time.

Yes, travelling overseas while training from a curriculum was a massive success, with the high standards of your chosen company rubbing off on your students. Everyone was a winner!

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